Walking Tour of Historic Philadelphia 

WHEN: Saturday afternoon, 9/16 
TIME:  12:30-5 PM, after that a FREE dinner with ISI friends at 42/Pine (between Woodland Church and Smythe House, where Internationals live, hosted by friends at Woodland).  Dinner is optional but yummy!
MEETING POINT:  Penn Book Store (36th St. & Walnut St.)
MEETING POINT #2: 8th & Market St. at 1:00 PM.  
​BRING: Tokens to ride SEPTA. 

​Pointing out some interesting museums
Seeing the location of the Liberty Bell, signing of Declaration of Independence & U.S. Constitution
Seeing where George Washington attended church
End point is Franklin Square (6th St. & Race St.) at about 6pm. 
Optional:  Dinner with new friends
​CONTACT:  Sarah 215-300-2164  sarahivcf@verizon.net